Zine Arcade

Zine Arcade

I just discovered Zine Arcade, but it appears it’s been around for a few years. If zine publishers were more like Zine Arcade, this world would be a more awesome place. Zine Arcade is the title of an actual zine, but the name is also used as a publisher of other zines. The other zines I have published by Zine Arcade is Random Pages and Hella Random. I love the variety of different works published by ZA!

As an actual zine, there have been 5 issues of Zine Arcade that has been released. I only have issues #4 and #5. Each issue is a compilation of work from various artists. Pictured above, issue #5 is hands down one of my most favorite zines ever. I’ve seen a lot of zines after 10+ years of zining so it takes a lot for me to find a new favorite. This issue is clever, hilarious, and super fun! Andrew has made this latest issue a handbook for being a secret spy. You’ll find a mixture of art about mystery and strangeness side by side with a hilarious guide on becoming a secret spy. A lot of thought, cleverness, and hard work was put into making this zine.

Andrew (Zine Arcade’s head honcho) gives all his zines away for FREE. I don’t know if that’s a permanent thing though. See for yourself here. Do yourself a favor and email Andrew for a copy of a zine available on his site — you’ll be in for a treat. Getting a package from Andrew was the best thing I’ve received in a long time.

Seeing Andrew make Zine Arcade (and other zines) free has been so inspiring that I decided to permanently give my zines away for free on my site as well. I used to put a small price on my zines because I thought I had to, but I actually never really cared to get money from people as I was always so happy to just give my zines away. It’s so fulfilling just to find a good home for my little quirky projects. Maybe one day I’ll write a blog post as to why I’m doing this because I feel pretty passionate about it.

Anyway, you should go visit the ZA website now and contact Andrew about getting your hands on one of his awesome zines. Enjoy :)

If you want to understand this tweet, you’ll need Zine Arcade #5.

Zine Arcade – Issue #4, Pictured below
Zine Arcade #4

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