Worms by Silber Media

Worms by Silber Media

I first came across Worms #1 many years ago. I honestly forgot about it until recently when I stumbled upon the tiny comic and read it again. I went to the website and was ecstatic to see there were 6 more issues! I ordered the set and a couple of other comics from Silber Media.

Worms is written by Brian John Mitchell and is a “sci-fi/horror mini-comic. It is an adventure story with dream like qualities in the style of Lovecraft & Kafka.” The story is about a girl who becomes one with worms and is trying to find her way through a creepy world. The story is weird, not so weird where you can’t follow along. It’s an easy and captivating read. I’m a sucker for good short fiction.

A couple of other zines from Brian that I really enjoyed is Mermaids and Built zine. They are both tiny like Worms, but completely different stories. Can’t wait to see more from Brian!

Worms zine by Silber Media

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