The Periodical Subscription from Bookleteer

The Periodical Subscription from Bookleteer

The Periodical is an “an eccentric monthly publication for an eclectic era, posted direct to your letterbox”. When you subscribe, you will receive “printed copies through the post of one or more of the extraordinary and unusual books created and shared on Bookleteer. From the most beautifully designed, illustrated and written to the most experimental.”

How brilliant is this?! I want to do something like this SO BAD! Hmm… **conjuring ideas**

Find more pictures of their publications through their Facebook page.

I would love to subscribe to this, but the annual subscription for residents of the US is $76. I should save up my pennies. Is there anyone in the states doing something similar to this?

Would anyone be interested in collaborating to start something like this in the states (so shipping won’t cost so much for us ‘mericans)?

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