small tasks of labor suit her slender bones

small tasks of labor suit her slender bones

Info on Project:

1. Title: “Small Tasks of Labor Suit Her Slendor Bones”

2. Details: a series of handmade zines with super short stories, each volume is a different anthology/theme, 1/16 size (2×3 inches), full color, 36 pages

3. The first volume is subtitled: the anthology of human disappearance and was released in 2005.

4. The second volume is subtitled: the anthology of smelling things and was released in 2007.

5. The publication is no longer for sale… but if you see me in person and ask for a copy, I just might be inspired to reprint it and give you one.


“From Sinoun of Smelling Trees fame, this is a tiny zine, in color, with strange collage art and strange super-short stories, fairy-tale like. Evocative and a little spooky at the beginning, thematically repetitive as you go along–it’s all about human disappearance, as the subtitle suggests. An interesting little experience, imbued with sinoun’s personal eccentricity.”
Laura-Marie Taylor
“Measuring just 2×3 inches, stolshsb consists of eight surreal stories and details of a collage (in full color) created by the zine author’s ex-partner. The images are arresting and atmospheric, though they seem to me almost like a tease–I wanted to see the full collage in its full size after reading small tasks… the stories, on the other hand, are terrific. Normally I’m not a fan of short-short fiction, but these are very imaginative, and the best ones are quite haunting.”
Michelle (from Echo Zine Distro in 2006)

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