Awesome Ringtones For Your Boring Phone

You probably have boring ring tones. Well, you’re in luck. I got a new phone last night and uploaded the ringtones I made years ago. Doing so reminded me how awesome they are so I thought they would be good to share! I’ve used these ring tones for many years.

I made them in iTunes (don’t remember how) and they are in m4r files. For many of the songs, I strategically started the track at a specific point in the song so it would sound good as a ring tone.

Each ringtone is 40 seconds long.

Below is the list of ring tones available. Click on any of them to download the ringtone.

1. TLC – Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg
2. Tupac – California Love
3. Björk – Domestica
4. Crystal Castles – Empathy
5. Crystal Castles – Good Time
6. Crystal Castles – Magic Spells
7. Flying Lotus – Melt!
8. Prefuse 73 – Rain
9. Nobody – Tori Oshi
10. Unknown artist – Some old Cambodian folk song

I’ve only used iPhones so not sure how to upload for Android. For iPhones, put the ringtones in iTunes. Connect your phone to your computer and just drag the music to your phone! It will automatically store the files in your ringtones and you will have the options in your settings to use them. :)


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