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Space Cadets


Printing costs for this zine are very high so unlike most zines on this site, this one isn't free. All proceeds of your purchase will go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

You can also buy this zine through Etsy.

If you order 4 copies of this zine, you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the zine $2.80 a piece.

Info on Project:

cats in space - space cadets zine1. Title: “Space Cadets”

2. I love space. I also love cats. What do you get with the two together? Cats in space. A.K.A. Space Cadets. This fun zine features a bunch of silly cats in space. Some are flying on hot dogs, pizza, or bacon. Some are flying in jars or shoes. This is a must have for all cat lovers!

3. This FULL COLOR 60 page zine compiles various images from the internet of cats in space. There are a handful of original images made by me with family and friend’s cats in space.

4. Printed at home and my office (by “Anatomic Air Press”). Because of the high costs of printing this zine, it is not free like my other zines.

Other ways to get the zine:

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cats in space - space cadets zine

cats in space - space cadets zine

cats in space - space cadets zine


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