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Postcards with art by Joe Tsambiras


Please keep in mind that these postcard are actually free. You can “buy” it here on my website and it would be considered as a kind donation from you. All proceeds go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

You can request them for free if you wish by going to the contact page.

Each set of postcards are $2. One set contains 3 of each of the postcards (6 postcards total). If you order 4 sets of these postcards, you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the set $1.40 each. Postcards are 4″x6″.

Anatomic Air PostcardsThe beautiful artwork for both postcards are by a dear friend named Joe Elias Tsambiras. He is very talented and generous to let me print his art. The art was done in 2001.

For many years, I used the postcard pictured above on the left. The art always stuck with me and I feel connected to it in ways that I can not express into words. It is such an honor to be able to use it for Anatomic Air Press for so many years because I feel like it is a beautiful representation of what AAP is to me. Anyway, I printed 1000 of them years ago and I recently just ran out! Of course, I had to print some more, but this time I decided to print another set of postcards to have as well.

The new set of postcards pictured on the right above features artwork that was made by Joe the same time he did the other piece. I am so ecstatic to have them together. To celebrate this excitement, I decided to offer both postcards for free, just as I do with my zines.

In making these postcards easily available, I hope that you not only save the art for your personal collection, but I also hope you use the extras that you have to write someone a letter with your beautiful handwriting. It’s better than a fucking tweet or Facebook status.


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