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Jade’s Addiction


Please keep in mind that this project is actually free. You can “buy” it here on my website and it would be considered as a kind donation from you. All proceeds go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

You can also buy this zine through Etsy or request it for free through the contact page.

If you order 4 copies of this zine, you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the zine $2.10 a piece.

About the project:

1. Title: “Jade’s Addiction”

2. Details: A 28 page lesbian erotica zine. Features 4 short stories (fiction). For mature audiences only.

3. More info: “Written by Jade Knight”. Jade is another concept character I created. This is a zine that features 4 short lesbian erotica fiction written by Jade. A couple of stories are a little sci-fi-ish. Printed on linen paper.

4. The stories were written in collaboration with an anonymous person.

Other ways to get the zine:

Buy on Etsy Request for a free copy



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