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insomnia and the oneirophiliac zine

Insomnia and the Oneirophiliac


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Info on Project:

1. Title of publication: “Insomnia and the Oneirophiliac.”

2. Details: a zine / 1/4 size / b&w copies / 20 pages / released in December 2010. Reprinted in July 2014.

3. The zine is a recorded handwritten dialogue by two people: me (sinoun) and a friend who shall remain anonymous (T). I love to sleep and dream. T doesn’t like to sleep because of her dreams. We talk about zombies, hallucinations, multiple personality disorder, and more. The conversation took place in 2006 or 2007.

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Comments from readers for the zine:

This is one of the best zines I’ve ever read. I read it in an airport and it lifted my mood. Fun, intriguing, fascinating, wonderful. I would classify it as a mental health zine and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Loved it! – Laura-Marie


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