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Hearing Blue

Hearing Blue


Please note the $1 pricing is actually for 3 copies of this zine! The zine is meant to be passed out or left in random places.

Please also keep in mind that this project is actually free. You can “buy” it here on my website and it would be considered as a kind donation from you. All proceeds go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

You can also buy this zine through Etsy or request it for free through the contact page.

If you order 4 or more sets of this zine (which equals 12 copies of the zine), you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the set $.7 a piece. (i.e. If you order 5 sets of the zine you will get 15 copies at $3.50!)

When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

About the Project:

1. In 2011, I created a tiny experimental project using the (boring) QR code. In case you don’t know, a QR code is a type of matrix bar code that any smart phone can scan. After the quick scan, it takes you to a URL that the creator set it to go to.

2. Below are the (business sized) cards I printed a few years ago. I would leave them in the most random places. I also gave them away so people can leave them in random places as well.

Hearing Blue3. If you scanned the card, it would take you to this site.

4. In January 2015, I excitingly used my 20% coupon from my favorite printers to print “hearing blue”. I printed the tiny zine on a 8.5″ x 5.5″ sheet and cut it evenly into three to make what you see below. The final result makes a 2.75″ x 2.7″ zine.

5. I have a 1000 copies of these babies, so harass me to send you a ton for free! Pass them around and share it with the whole world! The zine is only 12 short pages with about 102 words. (I counted the words manually so it could be more or less words.)

6. What inspired me to write “hearing blue”? I’ve always been a big believer that perception is power. Hearing blue is just a simple and fun way to express that philosophy. I hope you enjoy hearing blue. :)

Other ways to get the zine:

Buy on Etsy Request for a free copy


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