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All proceeds of your purchase will go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

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If you order 4 copies of this zine, you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the zine $2.80 a piece.

Info on Project:

free zine by celso and sinoun1. Title: “free”

2. Details: This is a collaborative publication or comic book. Images by celso, words by sinoun. Handmade and assembled by our pretty hands. 5″ x 5″, black and white, 56 pages, released in 2007.

3. More info: Celso and I have never met or even heard each other’s voice. This whole collaboration was possible through e-mail and postal mail. When I initiated the collaboration in late 2006, celso didn’t hesitate. I presented an idea that Celso took and made an awesome story with his unique images. I then took his images and interpreted the story with my own words and writing… and then came “free”… a collaboration we are so damn excited to share to the world!

4. First printing is only limited to 200 copies (each of us made 100 copies). Each issue comes with a sticker of the cover.

5. May one day Celso and I will get back together to create part 2 of the book.

6. I finally printed the last set of my 100 copies! After this batch, no more will be printed! This makes a total of 400 copies that have been printed.

Other ways to get the zine:

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“So I was riding my bike around Portland, and I stopped by a record shop right around the Hawthorne area. I think it was across the street from Dot’s. It had all these zines in it. I picked yours because I like the block print style on the cover and the hooded girl was riding a bike. Afterwords, the content made my train ride back to Seattle a transcendent experience. The story felt like a secret initiation into a conspiracy of future romantics. It reminded me of another time, cramped in a sweaty, dark basement of a punk house seeing some touring punk bands. Maybe I was delirious from lack of oxygen, but when the singer talked about the final song being a dedication to his friends whom toiled in seeming obscurity, I almost cried. The song title was “My Friends Are Gonna Save the World”. I never would have known otherwise the title or words because the guitars were making my ears bleed, the singers vocals were drowned, and we were all jumping and thrashing. Words carry stories, stories carry the world through time, and sometimes like yours; into other worlds. Thanks.”
“A standout comic collaboration between Celso (images) and Sinoun (words). There are multi-page spreads and lots of eye-candy beneath the color cover. This was an ambitious undertaking between two artists who have never met in person and the result is not to be missed. The graphics are bold and gritty. Celso brings a harsh urban landscape to life with his jagged edges and strong lines. The story is just as strong as the graphics. It is a poignant tale about daily grind and the fight to elevate oneself. Recommended.”
Anu (from Zine World in 2009)
Before I say anything I want to say that the zine that’s got the picture of the chick on a bicycle may be one of the best zines I’ve ever read… hell! It may be the best. The art and writing are wild and fantastic… a total wild ride… better than fantastic… double super fantastic. I was blown away.


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