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Please keep in mind that this zine is actually free. You can “buy” it here on my website and it would be considered as a kind donation from you. All proceeds go toward printing, shipping, and creating more projects. Your support is much appreciated!

You can also buy this zine through Etsy or request it for free through the contact page.

If you order 4 copies of this zine, you get bulk pricing. Bulk pricing is 30% regular price. That would make the zine $1.40 a piece.

cross·hatch   verb
: to mark with two series of parallel lines that intersect

Project Details

1. Title: “Crosshatchers”

2. A small zine, measuring 1.75″ x 1.5″ with 20 pages. Features a poem and line drawings. Everything is handwritten and hand drawn, but then color inverted in Photoshop.

3. The zine was inspired by synchronicity and partnerships with other human beings.

4. The simple front cover (as pictured above) was inspired by my friend’s tattoo. She has these two lines tattooed on her wrist and when she told me what they represented, I fell in love with it and I knew I just had to use it somewhere.

5. I don’t really draw, like ever. The drawings you see in this zine were an experiment with me trying to draw. The only thing I can draw are lines, so all you’ll find are (cross)hatchings.

6. I first debuted it to a bunch a 7th graders on Sept. 5th at a middle school in Atlanta. See blog post about it here!

Other ways to get the zine:

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crosshatchers zine

About Synchronicity

The symbol on the front cover of the zine represents Carl Jung’s symbol of synchronicity.

synchronicity by carl jung

The awareness of connection and synchronicity is a powerful thing. Every relationship is a partnership, a collaboration of sorts. Whether it’s with a mother and daughter, co-workers, friends, or intimate relationships, they are all partnerships.

Intimate relationships is what inspired me most to make this zine. When you have a relationship with someone, there are three properties involved. Each individual is an identity that is responsible for continuous growth. If growth doesn’t happen, then it is not possible to build the third property successfully. The third property is the relationship itself and it requires each individual involved to greatly tend to it. It’s a matter of compromise and collaboration, or synchronicity.

Synchronicity signifies the alignment of the psychic processes, such as thoughts or dreams, and observable experience. An example of this phenomenon is when someone suddenly crosses your mind and your paths cross or you connect with them in one way or another. I’m sure you’ve had more than one those “I was just think about you…” moments.

Some may dismiss the phenomenon as coincidence or meaningless, but Jung was able to “empirically support his hypothesis that synchronicity is a manifestation of the direct connection between the subjective and objective world.*”


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