Octopus by Foggybottom Press

Octopus by Foggybottom Press

This is one of the cutest zines I’ve ever come across. I got about 4 issues at once and I read them all in one sitting one lazy afternoon. Every issue is hand drawn and hand written! Don’t let that scare you though. Unlike most handwritten zines, Windowfog’s handwriting isn’t hard to read or messy; it is so beautiful and graceful. The zine writer, which I shall call Windowfog (since I do not know the creator’s real name), writes and draws about random things during the season for each issue. This zine just made me so happy. It also kinda reminds me of one of my old favorite zines called List by Ramsey from many years ago.

The sweet drawings add so much charm! For example, an adorable tiny drawing of an octopus raking leaves accompanies the following text about the autumn season, which is coming up soon so I thought this would be appropriate to put it here…

“The first sign of Fall is change. A change in wind, a change in temperature, a fallen leaf. Something slight, something small, almost impalpable. Or not. That’s the thing about change. It can be sudden; it can be slow. It can be perpetual, or it can be singular in occurrence. It’s just curious that way.”

I really hope you keep making zines, Windowfog. :)

You all should totally check out Foggybottom Press!

Octopus zine by Foggybottom Press

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