Neik Glasshouse

Neik Glasshouse

Info on the project:

1. Neik is a concept character or alias I created a few years ago. She has bloomed into something pretty cool and I look forward to doing more under her name! A lot of her personality is a reflection of my own, but there is plenty that I make up along the way. I hope you enjoy and have fun learning more about this “fake” person. :)

2. You pronounce Neik like “Neek”.

3. She “wrote” the zine How To Sleep. Even though the zine is under a fictional character, the contents in the zine are straight from my very own heart.

4. She “created” the site It’s a site that focuses on things I personally love: sleep, dreaming, meditation, etc.

5. She “wrote” the zine Achromatic Dissolutions. Some of the contents are personally from me and my own thoughts/experiences, other parts of the zine are straight up fiction! Fiction because she “writes” about her life and I get more into her as a person/character.

6. The beautiful image above is by Barnaby Ward or Somefield. He gave me permission to use a couple of images that I thought were a perfect representation of Neik Glasshouse. Here is another one I used. Seriously… his art of this girl is Neik Glasshouse to me.

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