Ker-Bloom by Artnoose

Ker-Bloom by Artnoose

I heard about this zine for many years, but actually never had the opportunity to read it. I finally got a copy from Parcell Press (one of my favorite distros). It is one of the most beautifully made zines I’ve ever come across. Every single page is letterpressed! Presentation has always been so important to me in zining and Artnoose gets it. I usually get turned off by sloppy zines.

Artnoose has released over 100 issues of this zine for the past 16 years! God, I wish I had a printing press so I can letterpress all the fucking time. Maybe one day. Add that to my very long list of everything I want to do and learn. Letterpress is just sexy as hell.

Anyway, each issue of Ker-Bloom! is fairly short, as far as text goes. It’s perfect as it is though. Even though each issue is short, I’m sure Artnoose spends more time making each zine than the average zine-maker. That’s an assumption considering each issue is carefully letterpressed. Touching a zine has never been so fun.

After I read the couple of issues I had, I went into her Etsy and bought a few more. I freakin’ love Etsy and go on many shopping sprees. Maybe I’m just used to getting a little note with a simple “thank you” after buying someone’s handmade goods (especially after writing a nice note to them), but Artnoose didn’t bother. I found that a little off-putting and unusual for someone in the DIY community. Oh, well. Maybe she’s just too cool or didn’t have time to use a pen and paper.

Anyway, her latest issues that I’ve read were about moving and her letterpress falling and getting stuck in her yard. For months, she was unable to work and had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to get it back in the house. I’ve seen a letterpress machine in person before. Those things look like a bitch to move. I was starting to feel really bad for Artnoose. After a lot of man power and help, she finally did get it back into her house and she’s now back in business! Yay! In one of her latest issues she discusses her desire to move back to California and trying to figure out how to get there. Good luck, Artnoose, I hope you achieve your desires and keep letter pressing those stories into beautiful zines to share with us.

Check out her zines at here.

Ker Bloom zine by Artnoose

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