Jelly Cake and Circle Hills by Benjamin Castle

Jelly Cake and Circle Hills by Benjamin Castle

For a few years now, Benjamin Castle has been one of my most favorite zinesters. His fiction writing is quirky, fun, unique, and hilarious. He has a handful of characters he regularly writes about in forms of “teleplays”. The characters he creates are out of this world, but also so human. I don’t see a lot of zines like Jelly Cake, it’s one of my top favorites.

His latest (at least that I know of) is Circle Hills. The stories in the zine are also written in teleplays. The stories are “everyday occurrences that take place in the Circle Hills”. Circle Hills is a weird fucking place I’d totally love to visit.

Ben Castle’s writing never bores me. I wonder how he comes up with his crazy ideas. You should totally contact him and give him a couple of bucks for his zine:

Keep up the great work Ben!

Circle Hills zine

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