Forms by Joe Tsambiras

Forms by Joe Tsambiras

Forms by Joe TsambirasForms is a new zine by my dear friend named Joe Tsambiras. His work always leave me some sort of speechless. Mainly because you can’t describe true passion in words, you can only feel it. Joe puts so much love and attention into his work and you can feel it from just holding this zine.

Forms features a series of 18 new etchings. The etchings in this zine reminds me of Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini, but with inanimate and random objects. The zine also smells really good because he used an awesome newsletter type of paper that leaves your fingers happy.

See more images from Forms here.

Also see this blog post to see some more of my favorite works from Joe.

Go ahead and contact Joe, he’s a really nice guy:

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