Deca – The Ocean

Gabriel Rachet

Back chasing dreams here we go again
Run’em down with bloodhounds and dobermans
I’m at the mercy of the blowin’ wind
It’s all open ended like
Everything in life ’till your soul ascends
From madmartigen
To sad harlequin
To black hearted kin
Flashbacks bar to chems
Cardinal sins hypodermics in the garbage bin
Marked men follow when the saints go marching in
Dreams crack then fade into memory
My Pops said that we share the same brain chemistry
That’s where I get my appetite for self destruction
I need balance I need help adjusting
But one day I’ll awaken to state of grace
Quit making the same mistake
Of abating the pains and aches
Maintain a creative space
Get loose with the papermate
I’ve been waiting for day to break
The future is taking shape


New day, everything’s lovely, new highs
Visions of new beginnings and blue skies
Move West, crash cars, burn up all the black tar
Slow dance on glass shards – get your mind right!
Sinner man, pusher man, put the money in his hand, in advance
Paint a halo on top of a pentagram
Hell flames lash out like callina tongues
Sore eyes, beating drums, military drills, shrill war cries
Who could brave the Daedalus maze in record time?
Death-defying, I saw the light in the exit sign
A state a grace, sight and sound of the deaf and blind,
and that alone will send a shiver down the devil’s spine
I live on bread and wine,
I’m made of flesh and blood
I’m subjected to…
I got a nice girl, with a nice smile
We grow together like Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows

One day, one between two
I sat beneath an apple tree with you

One day I welcome change when I see ’em
Leave it all behind and take a train back to eden


Everything’s sunny, everything’s lovely,
put me on a pedestal, hold no one above me
Everything’s pleasant and good,
eating breadcrumbs like the little peasant that could
Fuel for the furnace combust, learn to adjust,
you view the world on the surface with a certain disgust
But everything’s sunny everything’s lovely,
put me on a pedestal, hold no one above me

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