Big Love

Big Love

Info on Project:

1. Title: “Big Love”

2. Details: So far, the project contains 3 letters, each letter is folded into a super tiny cute envelope. Size of envelope is 1″ x 1.5″. Letter One released in December 2010. Letter Two and Three released in June 2014.

3. More info: Big Love can be subtitled “letters from you to me”. The letters are essentially a series of short stories about you waking up and not knowing who you are. They are all written in second person. You go on an adventure with a cute tiny elephant. If you like adventures, creative fiction, and tiny things then this is for you!

4. I may make more letters to add to the series in the future.

5. Here is a snippet from Letter One: “you wake up peacefully and realize you don’t know who you are or where you are. you are in a forest of some sort and it is very pretty and lush. as you sit up, you notice you have a friend who is asleep in your arms. it’s a tiny gray elephant, about the size of your two hands put together. you hold the elephant and look at it. he or she begins to wake up and blinks a few times and then yawns. it is so cute! you decide at that moment you’re going to love it forever. it’s possible you already decided that, but you don’t remember anything so you will have to make decisions all over again.”

6. Here’s one of the kindest thing anyone has ever said about my work: “Thank you so much for sending me your works, I felt a very special connection to them. I was nervous about seeing a cute new boy so I brought them along as a sort of conversation lubricant. He smoked me out and we spread out your zines on our laps and silently, happily read. It was really wonderful and I thought I’d let you know. :) Please keep making beautiful tiny things.”

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    Nick Newell

    The Big Love project warms my heart, because it is simultaneously mysterious and warm, challenging but kind. I’ve been keeping these tiny envelopes everywhere I go regularly because they remind me that we all have smiles inside that we must cherish, even if we can’t always share them. I’ve found reading the Big Love pieces to be a powerful beginning to reflecting on how I can be more of myself to myself and other people who still have a lot of secret smiles. There aren’t many things that I think are wonderful and helpful to anyone who sees them. Big Love is something that everyone needs, that anyone could give, and that I can’t get enough of.

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