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1. Hello. My name is Sinoun (commonly pronounced “sinoon” in English) and I’m a young lady in my mid-thirties. I like it when the sky’s blue and when the sun is shining. I think laughing is awesome. I also love sleeping, eating, and spending my free time doing nothing.

2. This website displays some of the things I love, some of the things I think about, the projects I come up with, and everything in between.

3. To pay my bills, I like to make websites and help small businesses grow.

4. I like to write stories and cheesy poems for people I love…
but I don’t eat cheese, cheese is gross. Check out my baby anatomic air press… you won’t find cheesy poems there, but you’ll find details about some of my creative projects.

5. There’s a growing list of people that I’d like to collaborate with.

6. I have more ideas than I can handle.

7. My blog features random posts of rants and treasure.

8. I love my family and friends.

9. I love to be in love because I love to cuddle.

10. I’m pretty much in love with everything… unless it sucks.

Bonus fact: I really like to smell books. I like it so much that I have a hard time reading because I get very distracted from smelling and feeling the paper with my finger tips. I will also never ever read a book on a tablet. That’s stupid. Paper will miss me.