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Because I’m an awesome nerd and lover of the cosmos, I created a site called arp194.com to host all files and images that I may need to share on a daily basis. I wish I thought of it a lot sooner, it has been incredibly helpful and it is a much sexier way of sharing my things.

For example, here’s a special little treat for you: arp194.com/smitten

You can be a sexy nerd too. All you have to do is get a site with a super short domain. Short domains are hard to find, but galaxy and nebula domains are not! While I’m thinking and smelling a nearby book or magazine, I always try to come up with excuses or ideas to create more websites, especially with galaxy names.

With your new site, install WordPress and the following plugins:

Now, with this little site, you can:

  • Share screenshots
  • Share random images
  • Create custom short links
  • Create download files
  • and more…


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