— hi. i'm sinoun.

Alison Scarpulla
Vision 12 by Alison Scarpulla (That’s not a picture of me.)


“Why does partly sunny have more clouds than partly cloudy? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Get it right weather channel…I only look at the pictures.”

1. Wud up. I’m Sinoun (commonly pronounced “sa-noon” in English) and I like it when the sky’s blue and when the sun is shining.

2. This website displays some of the things I do, think, feel, and everything in between. It’s like my personal portfolio giving you access to all my creative and professional projects.

3. I like to make websites.

4. I like to write stories and cheesy poems for people I love…
but I don’t eat cheese, cheese is gross. Check out anatomic air press… you won’t find cheesy poems there, but you’ll find details about some of my little projects.

5. There’s a growing list of people that I’d like to collaborate with.

6. I have more ideas than I can handle.

7. My blog features random posts of rants and treasure.

8. I love my family and friends.

9. I love to be in love because I like to cuddle.

10. I’m pretty much in love with everything… unless it sucks.

Bonus fact: I really like to smell books. I like it so much that I have a hard time reading because I get very distracted from smelling and feeling the paper with my finger tips. I will also never ever read a book on a tablet. That’s stupid. Paper will miss me.